Medium-term Business Plan

Medium-term Business Plan 2024(2022-2024)

BuySell Technologies has formulated and announced a medium-term management plan as its management policy for the three years from fiscal 2022, for the first time since its listing.

Our mission is to contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society and maximize corporate value through sustainable growth. We have formulated five major management strategies: “Acceleration of technology investment centered on strengthening IT and digitization” to realize the organic growth of our existing businesses, “Continued strengthening of our home visit purchase business and B2C sales”, “Expansion of our purchasing store business”, and “M&A” and “New businesses” in order to realize inorganic growth.

In terms of performance targets, our organic targets for the fiscal year ending December, 2024, are consolidated sales of ¥46.5 billion (average annual growth rate approximately 23%) and consolidated ordinary income of ¥6.0 billion (average annual growth rate approximately 38%). Our inorganic target is an ordinary income target of 6 billion yen plus (upside), achieved through aggressive promotion of M&A.

Medium-term Business Plan 2024