reuse businesses

We turn someone’s unwanted items into things that other people need.
We are developing a comprehensive reuse business that realizes a cycle of purchase and sale.

reuce service reuce service

The BuySell Group covers a wide range of reuse businesses, from purchase to sales. In particular, with the home visit purchase business, we have developed the industry’s largest business model that allows us to make visits all over the country. The system can be easily used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or address, and links all manner of objects hidden away in people’s houses to the next person who needs them.

Purchase Business


We are one of the largest reuse services in the country and operate mainly through home visits throughout Japan, where we conduct assessments at customers’ homes, and a variety of other purchase methods, such as purchases at stores and delivery purchases, etc.


This is a safe and reliable purchase salon that has stores all over the country, leveraging the advantage of its location in department stores. We offer a high-quality experience that is chosen by the department stores.

Reuse Shop WAKABA Reuse Shop WAKABA
Reuse Shop WAKABA

With more than 200 stores nationwide, it is a community-based purchase store that is appreciated by local people because it is easy to consult about any product.

Sales Business

Reuse Select Shop BUYSELL ONLINE Reuse Select Shop BUYSELL ONLINE
Reuse Select Shop BUYSELL ONLINE

This EC site always has more than 45,000 reused kimonos in stock and sells them at reasonable prices.

Reuse Kimono Select Shop BUYSELL Reuse Kimono Select Shop BUYSELL
Reuse Kimono Select Shop BUYSELL

We offer carefully selected high-quality reused kimonos at our permanent stores in department stores and at sales events held at venues nationwide.

BUYSELL brandchée BUYSELL brandchée
BUYSELL brandchée

This EC site sells a wide range of reused items purchased from all over Japan by BuySell, such as bags, jewelry, watches, alcohol, and cameras.

Other Business


This is a BtoB auction for bags, jewelry, watches, etc. that even beginners can easily participate in. It is held both online and offline.

WAKABA franchise business WAKABA franchise business
WAKABA franchise business

WAKABA is a reuse franchise business with strengths in unique location selection and head office support that make it easy for people with no experience in the reuse industry to take up the challenge.