Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our shareholders and investors for their continued support.

At BuySell Technologies, we see it as our mission to “Transcend people, transcend time, become a bridge connecting precious things”, and we are leaders of a recycling-oriented society with excellent people and new technologies.

Japan’s emerging reuse market is said to be worth about 3 trillion yen, but the estimated value of “hidden assets”, which is the estimated value of unused items in people’s homes that have not been used for more than a year, is 44 trillion yen. This is a market with extremely high potential.
Japanese society is expected to continue to age, and we believe that there will be a surge in the emergence of “hidden assets” as people begin to sort out their belongings, or dispose of the belongings deceased family members.

Against this backdrop, one our strengths is home visits. The demand for this is growing year by year, and we are steadily growing our scope of business, for example by actively expanding not only in the Tokyo metropolitan area but also in regional areas.

In addition to our flagship home visit purchasing business, we have used M&A to bring on board Timeless Inc., which operates auctions, in 2020, and FourNine Inc., which has a large number of purchasing stores throughout the country, in 2022. By broadening our channels from purchasing to sales, we are generating strong synergies.
We will continue to proactively implement M&A that will lead to the enhancement of our corporate value.

In addition, the power of technology is important to make these businesses more efficient and grow. Our company’s strengths have always been data-driven business operations and thorough KPI management. We intend to further improve productivity by developing a consistent data base from purchase to sales and by promoting digital transformation.

I ask our shareholders and investors for their continued understanding and support of our company.

Chairman and Representative Director

Kyohei Iwata

Representative Director and CEO

Kosuke Tokushige